About me

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner with excellent qualifications in Reflexology and Indian Head massage. I have a holistic approach and believe all our four aspects of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are inextricably linked and directly affect each other. I believe that time invested in ourselves pays huge dividends, not only enriching our own lives but those around us. Improving our lives must start from within. Relief from stress is fundamental but we can’t always see its root cause. Taking time out and being in the present can be empowering.

Working from my beautiful conservatory in Worcestershire, I can give you some peace and time to experience therapies that are tailored to you individually.

My aim is, with patience and understanding, to give you the space to be in the present moment.

Reiki has enriched my life enormously and as a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher I try to live by its five principles. Put simply:

Just for today,

I will let go of anger,

I will let go of worry,

I will be thankful,

I will be true to myself,

I will show compassion to myself and others.

Sometimes they are easy, more often they seem hard, but they always make sense!


“Happiness is an inside job and I can honestly say that personally two things have helped me get there: the Reiki way and, most importantly of all, a wonderful teacher in Angela” SJ B’ham

“I use Angela for Reiki and would definitely recommend her. She helped me through a very difficult time” CT Defford

” I had Reiki sessions with Angela just before and straight after I had a knee operation. It was interesting to feel the difference in the energy flowing post op and my recovery time was great”  JS nr Pershore

“It feels like I’m in heaven, it feels like an angel is doing it” Jack, my son :-)

“It’s so relaxing, I feel calm, I love it” Max, my other son :-)

“Thank you for the wonderful [reflexology] treatment…I feel I have benefitted hugely” SC Evesham

“You are very professional in your treatments…I feel very safe” JB Worcestershire

“I would readily recommend Angela and wish her well in her Reiki journey” D nr Worcester

“I have really enjoyed having Reiki and have looked forward to each session. The nights I have had Reiki I have found that I sleep much easier” JH Lower Moor

“I had my first ever Reiki treatment with Angela..[she] made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and at the time I thought, well at least I’m going to have a peaceful hour with no children to chase after. The reality was far better than that!! It made a huge difference on my day to day life. A big thank you to Angela” CF Pershore

“She is an inspiration and really cares about her clients” DL Worcestershire