Holistic therapies treat the person as a whole. We are all made up of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Each has a direct affect on all the others:

Our journey through life can present us with situations that we may view at best as less than ideal causing us stress and pressure. These often weigh heavily on our minds, showing in our emotions, and maybe leading to physical ills and diseases. An illness or physical pain can lead us to worry and sadness.

By looking after all our four aspects we can help with our overall well-being, helping to find a balance in our lives, a more positive outlook and a stronger ability to cope.

Sometimes giving yourself the time, be it just an hour or so every now and then, to be in the present and experience something positive and healing can be enough to improve your life and give you a sense of autonomy.

Maybe taking that step, giving yourself that time out, can help you deal with or view a situation from another, more helpful perspective.

It can be empowering to have an extra treatment option to choose for ourselves, when an illness/issue is taking over our lives. Sometimes we need to accept that an illness will feature in our lives, maybe permanently, but we can still ensure the other areas of our lives are as good as they can be.

Holistic therapies can be extremely relaxing by reducing stress and anxiety, so complements medical healthcare perfectly, working alongside to aid your body’s natural healing processes. A holistic therapist will not diagnose, claim to cure or interfere with the treatment of a medical professional.