Reflexology is an ancient treatment. It is based on the theory that areas of the feet are linked by energy channels to all other areas of the body. By applying pressure to these reflex points, these channels can be supported, encouraging that free flow of vital energy that is key to our optimal health.

There are several theories as to exactly how this works but the indicative results are well documented and have been accepted over centuries.

A Reflexologist will not diagnose or claim to cure particular ailments – only a medical practitioner can do this by law – but the role we play in supporting your own body and mind for healing is so valuable.

Our bodies heal and function most efficiently when we are rested and relieved of stress. Stress comes in many forms, not just the most obvious. For example, not being well hydrated or ingesting too much of the wrong food/drink, can put a physical strain on your internal organs. Similarly, not having a positive direction in life or not doing enough of what makes you happy, can have a detrimental effect on your emotional and mental health.

A Reflexology session can be deeply relaxing and the reduction of the effects of stress has many beneficial results:

* our organs can do their jobs more easily
* our minds can calm, having the chance to organise, giving us clarity of thought
* toxins and waste can be more efficiently released
* hormones can be balanced
* our emotional responses can be calmer
* our sense of wellbeing can be improved
* our ability to cope with pain can increase/our experience of pain can improve.

A session will begin with a foot massage followed by a treatment suited to your particular needs. As a holistic therapy there may be suggestions for you to follow between treatments to help you get the best possible outcome.